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Planning, Docketing, and Evaluation Tool

Welcome to CIMSsimple. To start using this tool simply click on Start a New Project or Start a New Project Plan below.

You do not need to log in or create a profile to get started - your projects will be saved automatically on your device. However this is only temporary storage (it will be deleted when you clear your browser cache) and is intended to let you use the tool offline.

To save your projects permanently and access your projects on multiple devices, choose Log In and create an account using your email address. Your projects will then be automatically synced online. You can still use the tool offline and sync your changes when you have an internet connection.

Purpose & Context

This tool is intended to provide legal workers with a simple, user-friendly template for planning, documenting, and evaluating their CD-CO work. It also serves as a roadmap for documenting CD-CO work in CIMS. The fields on the form correspond to the fields in CIMS Initiatives, and the content entered into some parts of this form can be cut & pasted right into CIMS. This will enable legal workers to plan, docket, and evaluate projects, and transfer the necessary information into CIMS at a later time.

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